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AbsolutePositioning Property

Set the option to create HTML file using absolutely positioned textboxes.

The following properties are completely ignored when AbsolutePositioning = True: ConnectHyphens, HTMLTitle, ImageFormat, ImageResolution, OcrOption, SymbolFontToUnicode.

Sub AbsolutePositioning(newVal As Bool)



True - Use textboxes
False - Do not use textboxes

Feature Matrix

Depending on the value of the AbsolutePositioning property, certain features are not usable. Here is a chart that indicates which properties and metgods are implemented for flow text versus absolute positioning.

False True
ConnectHyphens Yes No
FileConversionTimeOut Yes No
HTMLTitle Yes No
ImageFormat Yes No
ImageResolution Yes No
JpegQuality Yes Yes
LicenseKey Yes Yes
NumberOfPages Yes Yes
OcrOption Yes No
SimpleLists Yes No
SymbolFontToUnicode Yes No
ConvertToHTML Yes Yes
ConvertToHTML2 Yes Yes
ConvertToHTML3 Yes Yes

Exception Handling

Please refer to the list of return exceptions.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2HTML.5")

' Set the option to create HTML file using absolutely positioned textboxes
oConverter.AbsolutePositioning = True
Call oConverter.ConvertToHTML(inFileName, outFileName)