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easyConverter SDK Usermanual
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Activation Instructions


In order to obtain full functionality from your installation of BCL easyConverter SDK you will need to License the Installation, and this Licensing is now handled via easyConverter SDK 5 Action Center found inside your Start Menu.


Once run, Action Center will pop up. After selecting Activation, three options will be offered:



After choosing first radio button - Activate via Automated Online Activation and clicking Next:



Have your Online Activation Code ready.



After Online Activation Code is entered, simply click Activate, and the process is completed.



Select second radio button - Activate Manually via Unlocking Certificate and clicking Next:



You can select the Machine ID and copy it manually, or use the 'Copy To Clipboard' button. Once you have your Machine ID, simply email it to activations@bcltechnologies.com and we will send you your License Key. Once you have that License Key, enter it into the area labeled as such.



Each License Key is unique to a specific Machine ID, and they will not work if applied to a different machine.



After the License Key is entered, simply click Activate, and the process is completed.



If at any point you wish to De-Activate your product, simply open the License Manager again and click the Deactivate Button. After doing so, you will be presented with the original screen, showing your Machine ID and giving you the chance to enter your License Key again.

Thank you for purchasing BCL easyConverter SDK!