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ConversionMethod Property

Set conversion method for converting to RTF files.

Sub ConversionMethod(newVal As Long)



One of optConversionMethod values:

CNV_METHOD_USE_SPACES_AND_TABS = 1 - Preserve layout using spaces and tabs,
CNV_METHOD_USE_TEXTBOXES = 2 - Preserve layout using textboxes,
CNV_METHOD_TEXT_FLOW = 3 - Reflow the document

Feature Matrix

Depending on the value of the ConversionMethod property, certain features are not usable. Here is a chart that indicates which properties and metgods are implemented for flow text (CNV_METHOD_DEFAULT) versus absolute positioning (CNV_METHOD_USE_SPACES_AND_TABS, CNV_METHOD_USE_TEXTBOXES, or CNV_METHOD_TEXT_FLOW).

Flow Text Absolute Positioning
ConvertToWord Yes Yes
ConvertToWord2 Yes Yes
ConvertToWord3 Yes Yes
FileConversionTimeout Yes Yes
JpegQuality Yes Yes
LicenseKey Yes Yes
NumberOfPages Yes Yes
OutputDocumentFormat Yes Partially (no native DOC/DOCX)
WordConversionTimeout Yes Yes
ConnectHyphens Yes No
ConvertBookmarks Yes No
MatchPDFLineBreaks Yes No
OcrOption Yes No
RemoveHiddenText Yes No
ShrinkCharacterSpacingToPreventWrap Yes No
WordpadImages Yes No
AdjustFontNames No Yes
AdjustSpacing No Yes
DetectHeader No Yes
DocumentType No Yes
ExtractHyperlinks No Yes
ExtractImages No Yes
ExtractText No Yes
MergeParagraphs No Yes
MergeText No Yes
ShrinkFonts No Yes

Exception Handling

Please refer to the list of return exceptions.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2Word.5")

' Set conversion method
oConverter.ConversionMethod = CNV_METHOD_USE_TEXTBOXES
Call oConverter.ConvertToWord(inFileName, outFileName)